Wireless Water Leak & Flooding Monitoring System

24/7 Water Leak and Flooding monitoring solution saves your facility thousands!

An inch of water confined to even a single floor can cost an average of $11,000 to repair.

SW3L LoRaWAN Outdoor Flow Sensor
Wireless Water Leak & Flooding Monitoring System

Predict. Alert. Prevent!

Mitigate water leakage the moment it’s discovered with Around-the-clock monitoring & automated logs and alerts from CHOOVIO.

We Use The LoRa® Technology

Latest IoT Wireless Technology LoRaWAN:

Low-power consumption (up to 10-year battery life) and “Longest Range, by Far!” (10 miles, line of sight)

Four Ways CHOOVIO Helps Facility Managers


Prevention Power

Water damage and other gradual damage can even go unnoticed when the facility is occupied. Leave with confidence, knowing you (or your staff) will get an alert if there are small leaks to large water flow issues.

Business Administration

Scalable Solution

CHOOVIO’s cost-effective remote monitoring solutions have your property, restaurant, office building, warehouse, or factory covered by tens of LoRaWAN IoT sensors

Contamination Prevention

Simple Automation

Whether you manage one building or 100, physically handling facility monitoring is time-consuming and not in your commercial or industrial priorities. Automate with CHOOVIO and free up your time!

Green House

Global Access

Old monitoring technologies may not be sustainable if you own or manage several properties or if your property is not located near you. Monitor equipment and important environmental conditions online—whenever, wherever.

Wireless Water Leak & Flooding Monitoring System


We made it extremely easy to monitor your business operations. No technical skills are required to install and get things up and running. Here are all steps:


Sensors Subscription


Into Your Web Portal or Mobile App

Turn On

Install your sensors and turn them on


Your Things & Control Everything!

Highlighted Features List

  • Sensor Alerts (Text & Email)
  • Unlimited Alert Recipients
  • Create & Monitor Locations
  • Unlimited Number of Companies/Locations
  • Admin, Editor, View User Permissions for each Company/Location
  • 3 Months Sensor Data Retention
  • Flexible Alert Rules
  • Visualized Sensor Maps
  • Upload Blueprints, Images, or Google Maps
  • Unlimited Number of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports
  • Compliance Reports (Regulations & Inspectors)
  • Unlimited Email SMS Alerts per month
  • Water Flow Monitoring Sensor
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Zone Leak Detection Sensor
SW3L LoRaWAN Outdoor Flow Sensor

SW3L, a LoRaWAN Flow Sensor, detects water flow volume and uplinks to the IoT server via the LoRaWAN network. Users can use this to monitor the water usage for buildings. SW3L is powered by an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, It is designed for long-term use for up to 10 years.

SW3L is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a weatherproof enclosure and industrial-level battery to work in low to high temperatures.

The Dragino LWL02 is a LoRaWAN Water Leak Sensor. When there is water between the two metal probes, LWL02 indicates a water leak event and uplinks to the IoT server via the LoRaWAN network.

LWL02 is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and targets for long time use, these two batteries can provide about 16,000 ~ 70,000 uplink packets, which result in 2 ~ 10 years battery life. After the battery runs out, the user can easily open the enclosure and replace it with 2 common AAA batteries.

LoRaWAN Rope Type Water Leak Controller

The Dragino LWL03A is a LoRaWAN None-Position Rope Type Water Leak Controller. Users can lay the LWL03A + Water Leak Cable on the ground to detect water leakage. The water leak cable is sensitive when there is water over the leaked cable. LWL03A will indicate a water leak event and uplink to the IoT server via the LoRaWAN network.

LWL03A is powered by an 8500mAh battery and is targeted for long time use of up to 10 years.

Best Water Leak and Flood Detection Solution

Water leaks and flooding can come from various sources—frozen pipe bursts, clogged drains, malfunctioning air conditioning units, groundwater, stormwater, plumbing and fixtures, server cooling systems, and many more. CHOOVIO®  Wireless Water Leak & Flooding Monitoring System can help you keep uptime high by sending alerts about leaks before they cause significant damage.

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